Kelly Shredded Strength Institute“ I highly recommend Sheila Harloe to anyone who is serious about creating a successful and energising workplace environment.

Whether you business is feeling stagnant or you feel you have great ideas but are not sure how to implement them, Sheila is the wonder-woman of business enterprise that can help you identify areas in your business where you can improve and start making rapid changes for success.

For the past 7 years I have known Sheila to be an exceptional Consultant who has helped numerous companies deliver superior results by analysing where the business is at right now and what is holding it back from rapid growth.

Sheila will help you grow your business by customising a plan for the front line leaders with their business vision, strategy and brand in mind to achieve sustainable success.

Her intelligent coaching strategies will delve deep into the heart of the cultural and behavioural changes needed to create the ideal working environment ensuring that people at all levels of your organization have the clarity, capability and motivation to succeed.

I am so glad I trusted Sheila with our business. She is one of the smartest women I know. You will never regret working with her if your goal is to implement smart business decisions that help make your business more profitable and less stressful.”

–       Kelly Martinovich

Co- Director- Shredded Strength Institute


Renae Wade RAC
Sheila provides a passionate approach to both individuals and organisations as a coach, mentor and unwavering support.
Working closely with her within two different organisations I would endorse her methodology, approach and drive to fearlessly pursue any goal.
Sheila’s exceptional facilitation skills light up and energize even the dullest of rooms and encapsulate everything she truly believes in, thus empowering those she is working with.
Sheila’s strength’s within the delivery of superior performance not only make her a pleasure but asset to work with.