Gender Equity

In the late 20th century, the majority of companies have had Gender Equity strategies in place, but the change has been extra-ordinarily slow. Since the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action in 1995, we have had great strategies and ideas as to what we need to do, but not much has changed in the 20 plus years.

At 3DA we focus on being the leading choice in implementing your gender equity strategy and bringing it to life.
We make it real and active. We deliver true results by focusing on the how.

Our experience in execution of strategy means we can show you exactly how to do this and maximise the results. We give you the building blocks for achieving gender equity, in both small and large organisations. And we work with women and men individually to show them what they can do.

Time or luck will not help us get there. We need a plan and measurable goals. 3DA will help you make it happen. We show you how to execute it, live it and deliver on it.

At 3DA we work with the organisation and the individuals at different levels and understand what levers can be pulled within your organisation. Everything we do is tailored to your organisation and the people in your business. And then we help to make it sustainable by embedding the behaviours, at both a leadership and individual level, into the business. We make gender equity part of your DNA.

We partner with you to achieve this through:

• Education
• Organisation Systems and Culture
• Individual Changes


Wasting money by NOT planning• Understanding the science of gender
• Leadership in men and women
• Challenges for men and women in the work place
• Understanding our strengths
• Improved communication between men and women
• Retaining and working with talent



Workplace Systems and Culture

Working together makes great ideas work.• Heat maps and surveys
• Pay gaps
• Culture
• Morale
• Gender smart mentoring and coaching
• Systems and processes



Individual Changes

One person can and do make a difference.• Understanding self
• Personal preferences
• Values and beliefs
• Goals
• Resilience
• Negotiation skills
• Networking
• Influencing and persuasion
• Working in diverse teams


Case study

A large national organisation had low engagement with women and lacked high numbers of women in senior leadership roles.  Together with Grist Consulting Group, Sheila worked with women in the business to help build belief in themselves, give them skills and strategies to pursue their goals and aspirations and build a network of support.
Working with business areas across the country and with the support of Grist Consulting, Sheila ran this program in two sections.  Based on an Emotional Intelligence model, participants focused on building self-awareness and the impact of their behaviours on others. The program delivered confidence and self-belief in women and many of them have used this as a platform to accelerate their careers.

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