Development is defined as the act or process of developing; growth; progress. Development is key to growth. We provide development opportunities in a number of ways to both organisations and individuals. 3DA is totally committed to providing a customised and tailored solution to you. As required, we can facilitate public courses through to in-house sessions.

Some of the benefits of development include your business and your people:

• Targeting your currents needs and aspirational needs
• Improved customer service, productivity and efficiency
• Investment in your people
• Acquisition of new skills for your staff resulting in an improved business  contribution
• Improved self-worth and esteem in staff
• Improved loyalty
• Improved capability at an individual and organisational level.


planning meetiongIn business today, there is a need for professional facilitators to guide meetings and workshop to help you achieve your goals. Effective facilitation enhances energy and innovation. It allows set mindsets to be challenged, communication to be made open, new ideas to be conceived and action plans are created.
At 3DA we have experience in facilitating the following workshops:
• Change management
• Leadership and management for sales
• Facilitation skills
• Coaching and mentoring skills
• Management development
• Team building and team development
• Leadership development
• Negotiating techniques
• Effectiveness and efficiency in the work place
• Assertiveness and confidence in the work place
• Productivity
• Customer focus
• Train the trainer
• Facilitation skills
• Stress management
• Time management
• Organisation promotion
• Selection processes and performance management
• Sales and service skilling.

All of the above are customised to your organisation and outcomes required.


Workshop for staff to discuss business issuesOrganisations are dynamic and changes are constantly occurring.
In order to help you meet these changes and the challenges that accompany them, 3DA will work with you to identify them. We will then partner with you in creating solutions and deliver those to your business. By assisting your organisation to respond to external changes by improving internal capability. This is transformational and produces fundamental positive change to individuals, teams and organisations

For small business, we are accredited Growth Curve Strategists, we work with you and benchmark small business strengths, challenges and potential pitfalls. This helps you take action before the problem occurs.



Manager with strategy plansWe have a range of public programs that we run to help give you confidence and improve your capability. Please contact us to enquire.
Diagnostic Tools

• EBW – Emotional intelligence in the work place
• TTI’s Growth Curve Strategist
• Corporate Transformational Tools


Public Speaking

Sheila is available for public speaking, networking events, or to inspire your network. Contact 3DA by clicking on the button below.

Case study

A communication firm that had grown from an owner operator had expanded rapidly in the last 6 years. The business appeared to have stalled. A change was required to kick start this dynamic and competitive organisation, but the leadership team were stumped as to what to do. They needed outside help and through word of mouth contacted Sheila at 3 Development in Action.

Through discussion and small business benchmarking, a new strategy was created that involved the development of a general manager role as well as greater role clarity for the leadership team. This produced clear focus and specific actions that once implemented resulted in a 15 % uplift in turnover over 6 months. Throughout this time mentoring and guidance from Sheila was available and the client felt fully supported.

Moving forward, the facilitated process continues to build success for the business, ensuring the original issues are not defaulted to and the company is able to maintain its position in a demanding and competitive market place.

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