Culture Change

Culture can determine the success or demise of strategy, profits, engagement of staff, morale and everything else in your work place. Culture will determine whether people like working for you or leave you. It is about what they are doing, how they feel about it and how people in the organisation behave. Culture is also described as “what people do when the boss is not around”!!

At 3DA we help you define your strategic direction and clarify what vision your company has. Once this is clarified, we explore what behaviours leaders and individuals within the organisation have to do to support this goal. This will determine your culture.

• Leadership  • Sales and Service  • Accountability


Staff discussing progress of action plansAt 3DA we work with your leaders to understand the leadership journey. We assist in enhancing capability, while keeping in mind the dynamic nature of leadership. We help you to mobilise people in your organisation to achieve what is required. Every organisation is different. The leadership challenge is unique in every situation. The principles and tools that make us successful leaders are available to anyone who accepts the challenge of being a leader. Because to get results, leadership matters.

Using a number of tools, upskilling and coaching, our team assists in showing you how to model the way and inspire a shared vision with your people. Our team challenges you to challenge the process. We help you with strategies, skill, tactics and practices that are built on relationships. Because it is the strength of these relationships together with clear operating rhythms that will drive a culture of collaboration, a culture of achievement, a culture of trust and respect and always that of success.

Sales and Service

Planning Meeting to form business strategy.There are so many options out there to help you achieve an increase in sales. Often a range of activities from improving people capability to reward and recognition, process, and sales leadership are considered. Sometimes there are too many options and we tend to tackle all of them only to achieve very little headway.

3DA helps you to clarify the results you want and then isolates the levers that will give you the best outcome. We work with you to plan the actions and establish a delivery strategy that ensures accountability is embedded.

We train you on how to lead sales delivery, we train your people on how to sell through strong relationship selling techniques and we help you embed it with coaching.


Our services are not training events, but culture change programs that will ensure sales methodologies techniques and sales leadership are part of your company We offer a range of skill building products that include:

• Current evaluation
• Customised development of a sales program
• Sales techniques
• Business development
• Sales leadership
• Sales coaching


Strategy session on the white board

Accountability is crucial to creating the culture that you want. This drives the results you want by focusing on follow up and feedback. Understanding how experiences influence behaviours and ultimately results is critical to motivating the behaviours that support the culture required. But the key to embedding this is by using tools that make it simple.

We work with your leaders and coach them on how to have a regular operating rhythm. What to say in conversations that are impactful and drive performance. How to challenge without alienating. And how to build this into the DNA of every leader in the organisation.

We help you to provide experiences for your people that are developmental, nurturing and supported.

The people in the organisation will determine the culture. We give you the tools to do this. We coach you on how to coach. We help you close the loop through effective follow up. We challenge you around your leadership style. And this will result the change you need to deliver on the strategy you want.

Case study

A firm in the financial industry was going through rapid change.  As a result, a new strategy was created to provide the vision forward.  However the organisation did not feel they had the expertise to implement this and make it happen.

Sheila at 3 Development in Action worked with the teams in the business to understand what each team needed to produce to fulfill the overarching vision.  These outcomes were then broken down into specific behaviours and outputs in order to ensure the long term vision was met. Capability training was run for both front line staff and the leadership team.  Measures for both behaviours and results were implemented.

Behavioural coaching was introduced and routine leadership behaviors became non-negotiable.  The quality of the interactions improved dramatically and with that came the results both culturally and financially.

The company continues to grow and leaders in the business receive coaching from Sheila to ensure there is no slippage to past behaviors.

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