The coaching relationship helps a client achieve successful change. Change only occurs when support is provided throughout the process, a safe partnership and maintaining productive ways of working to the outcome required. As people are introduced to new skills and have improved awareness, coaching and mentoring are critical.

We help you define your aspirations and help you to set goals to get there. We skill you on your actions and then coach you to allow these new behaviours to become your strengths, and we keep you motivated by holding you accountable.

Executive Coaching

C-1We provide transformational and practical business coaching for executives looking to enhance their performance and that of the organisation. We challenge and help uncover barriers that are often self imposed through discovery conversation. Effectiveness as a leader is increased and results.




Leadership Coaching

Staff discussing progress of action plans

Leadership Coaching is about the communication and leadership skills engaged in the act of leading themselves and their people to their fullest potentials.





Performance Coaching

meeting discussing business plansPerformance coaching is critical to success. Without conversation, gaps are present in awareness and the results aspired to are not reached. At 3DA our coaches challenge and empower while supporting to create effective outcomes. We work with individuals and managers to maximise their outputs by focusing on their inputs or behaviours.





Case study

A current client contacted Sheila 4 years ago. He had just arrived back from an extended stay in the USA and was searching for career options in Australia. After completing his real estate qualifications, he approached Sheila to gain confidence and skills in sales.

Through weekly coaching sessions, a plan was built around sales behaviours required within his industry. From a basic introduction to the sales process, to skills in planning, prospecting, creating a sales pipeline, along with other core skills required for example. negotiation, objection handling and closing, this client has excelled in every area.

His sales started to increase, his relationships and networks expanded and after 4 years has recently opened his own real estate business. He is on route to reaching his potential.
Moving forward, he continues to build on a solid base and is in regular contact for coaching as required.

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